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Hygiene & Safety First of all

Your safety is our priority

Hotel Villa Ducale is located in the upper part of Taormina in the most panoramic area of town, commanding a breathtaking view over the bay of Giardini-Naxos, the village of Taormina and the famous volcano Mount Etna. Sicily has registered very few Covid-19 cases and we can easily tell that Taormina is a completely Covid-19 free town. Due to our idyllic position, our amazing climate and the good behavior of our citizens, Taormina has had no Covid-19 case at all within a large area of 25 km.

This year Hotel Villa Ducale will be starting the summer season in mid-June 2021 while our luxury apartments and villas located near our sister hotel Villa Carlotta have been opened since the end of March 2021. Our hotel has always had safety and cleanliness as top priorities for both our staff and beloved guests. For this reason, we have always applied very strict hygiene measures for the prevention and fight of infectious diseases.

These measures are now being strengthened and integrated to protect and prevent against COVID-19 in order to allow our guests to continue enjoying our small piece of paradise feeling free and safe. So, we will kindly ask you to follow just a few simple rules and read our statements:
1 The whole hotel is reserved to guests only and body and face temperatures will be taken at hotel entrance;
2 We kindly ask you to use face masks while staying in public areas and recommend to stay at social distance of one meter from other guests excluding family members;
3 You will find sanification lotions and gels to wash your hands after or before touching public items; all our products are Johnson Diversey professional certified by Ministry Sanity border.

Our staff has been trained to operate in respect of Italian and European sanity and covid-19 prevention protocols. All our public spaces will be sanitized properly after every use with professional and certified products.

Our kitchen, restaurant and all public areas will be deeply cleaned with professional detergents and disinfectants frequently during the day by our staff.
Our pool water is regularly treated with filters and professional sanification products and monitored daily by computers.
Our restaurant and bar will be regularly sanitized after every guest presence and we will ask you to wear a protective mask (mouth and nose) while using our buffet.
Our ventilation and air-conditioning system will be regularly maintained with sanitizing products to assure maximum level of hygiene.
All our rooms and Suites will be deeply cleaned and sanitized before guest's arrival with certified Johnson Diversey products and disinfectants by our trained professional staff. Daily cleaning and turn-down will be done according with government protocols.

With just a few simple rules we intend to reassure all our guests that nothing has changed and we are absolutely able to continue in making your stay an enjoyable, fun and relaxing vacation.

The Hotel Villa Ducale Taormina team