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A Villa in Sicily that lives up to the high level wraps put on it

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Spent 4 nights at the Villa Ducale in Taormina. Room 16 (the rooftop suite) is very large and beautiful and has fantastic views & whilst Villa Ducale has only 17 rooms, this is a suite & I understand there are many nice rooms feels like your in your own home due to privacy & great facilities. Many people comment that its a little removed from the town centre, but we found that its location actually gives you more to do, being very close to the Castle , old Monastery & beautiful hilltop village above called Castelmola. Villa Ducale has a free transfer that operates regularly to and from town centre, but you can take a great walk down past the Monastery to town, easy blue bus up to the hilltop village etc. By doing this we really got to appreciate & understand the town & what it has to offer. Tip, dont spend 1 night make it 3 or 4 at least if you can.


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