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Taormina Greek Theatre


The ancient theatre of Taormina is the most remarkable monument in the city and one of the most celebrated ruins in Sicily. Known as the ‘teatro greco or ‘Greek theatre’ it is both incredibly preserved and situated in a location of breathtaking beauty. It is still frequently used for theater, operatic and concert performances.

 The brick construction suggests the theater dates from Roman times although the plan and arrangement of the site are typically Greek. This means that the present structure was probably rebuilt on the foundations of an older theatre from the Greek period. It is second largest theater of its kind in Sicily after that of Syracuse with a diameter of 120 metres (after an expansion in the 2nd century).

 The greater part of the original seats have disappeared, but the wall which surrounded the whole cavea is preserved. The proscenium, with the back wall of the scena and its appendages, are preserved in their entirety and contribute much to the overall visual effect and make this theater almost unique. From the fragments of architectural decoration still visible we know that it was originally of Corinthian order and richly ornamented. Some portions of a temple are also visible and have been converted into the small Church of San Pancrazio.

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