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Taormina Public Gardens

Taormina Public Gardens: The city gardens, named after the Duke of Cesarò who was a representative of Taormina’s constituency when they were made, were donated by the Cacciola-Trevelyan family during the 192o’s. Inside, there is a thick vegetation and a typically Mediterranean array of hedges and flower-beds with cobbled paths which lengthwise connect the almost three hectares of park. An avenue lined with olive-trees in memory of the fallen during various wars runs among precious trees of various species, some of which are rare and extraordinarily beautiful. In the centre and on the north-east end of the gardens, there are some characteristic pagoda-style towers with arabesque designs, made of bricks and edged with lavic pumice-stone.Florence Trevelyan, an English nobelwoman, had these towers built so as to study the birds since the was a keen ornithologist. Relics from the two World Wars are on show in a few clearings and a war monument to the fallen can be seen near the natural “Teatro di Verzura” (Greenery Theatre).

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